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Modern Activism and Historic Legacies with Elisabeth Omilami & Jill Cartwright

June 18, 2024

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Join me, Tiffany Cross, on this compelling episode of Across Generations as we explore the evolution of activism through the lens of history and modernity. Our discussion questions the reliance on digital platforms, the effectiveness of marches, and the dynamics of leaderless movements. We also delve into the mental health implications of enduring police violence and cancel culture.

Our esteemed guests, Dr. Elizabeth Williams Omolami, a seasoned human rights activist and daughter of civil rights leader Reverend Hosea Williams, and Jill Cartwright, a young philanthropist and community organizer, join us to unpack these complex issues. Hear their invaluable insights on organizing, the continued relevance of local government actions, and the necessity of in-person engagement. We also explore the generational disconnect between legacy civil rights organizations and younger activists, reflecting on the impact of funding from the private sector and the need for greater mentorship and collaboration across generations.

This episode offers a rich tapestry of stories and perspectives, highlighting the importance of solidarity between generations and the need to sustain a legacy of social justice. From the trauma faced by young Black students during the integration era to the role of social media in modern movements, we cover it all. Reflect with us on how riots are symptoms of deeper societal issues and the ongoing struggle to honor lives lost over material possessions. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that honors the past while empowering the future.


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