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MM #172:How To Protect Yourself From Investment Scams, Forex Fund Fraud, September Stock Picks & Tesla Vs GM

podcast December 31, 1969

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Join us for this week's Market Mondays as we dive deep into the pressing questions on every investor's mind:

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– The charges against my forex fund: A $300 million fraud exposed. What can we learn from this?

– Red flags for retail traders: How to safeguard your investments in volatile funds.

– Rite Aid's looming Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Cause for alarm or an opportunity for profit?

– The "Urban Doom Loop": Is it the next big economic threat or just media hype? Plus, the top stocks to consider in this space.

– Understanding investment horizons: Is 5 years sufficient for stock market investments?

– Rashad responds to critics and naysayers.

– September's stock market trends: Should you invest now or wait until October?

– The EV showdown: GM vs. TESLA – Which holds more promise?

– A concerning trend: Why are so many living paycheck to paycheck, and what does it mean for the economy?

– Spotlight on Novo Nordisk stock.

– On the trader's radar: Key technical patterns to watch out for.

– Celebrating Deon Sanders' win and his unparalleled marketing tactics.

– New to the stock market? Don't miss our foundational tips for beginners.

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