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Miami’s Mike McDaniel on unique coaching, bond w/ players, lessons from losses & AFC East

podcast September 15, 2023

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Prior to kicking off the NFL season, Coach McDaniel found some time for us to sit with him and talk about life lessons, football and what’s ahead. A man who had a dream from a young age and passion for football took his dream and parlayed it into a head coaching job in the National Football League and has created something special with his team in South Florida. 

A Yale graduate, making him an unique candidate and person for being a head coach in the NFL but also makes him stand out and be someone who captivates people and his players with such a different coaching style and his young age also generates a lot of buzz but all factors that McDaniel said he embraces. The conversation and wisdom in his words is something players latch onto but also his academic analyzation of Xs and Os is something that makes Miami a team with an aggressive offense and team that problem solves to only get better each week. 

With the Miami Dolphins projected to be one of the top teams in the AFC, McDaniel talks about how he welcomes the competition and says if you can’t play against the best then what’s the purpose in the long run. In a tough division with the Bills, Jets and Patriots, McDaniel says it’s a title up for grabs and any team can win and focusing on the present and each day is a chance to be the best. Fascinated by his coaching style and relationship with players, the guys dive into what has shaped McDaniel and his coaching approach and what is the mindset into each day, each game and with different players. 

Talking about life Pivots, McDaniel further expounds on his time away from the NFL because of his alcohol related issues and how losing something you love is painful but carrying that pain of the loss is something that motivates you everyday to be the best you and make the most of every opportunity. He also talks about becoming a father has been one of the most moving and powerful experiences that keeps him going each day and wanting to be the best him. 

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