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podcast December 31, 1969

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In this clip of Market Mondays, Rashad Bilal shares valuable insights into the world of networking and reveals his 10-step formula for becoming a millionaire through effective networking. Rashad emphasizes that successful networking is not a matter of luck, but rather a strategic and scientific process that anyone can master. He unveils key principles and commandments acquired over 16 years as a financial advisor, which have proven to be instrumental in achieving success.

Rashad emphasizes the importance of thorough research before engaging with potential contacts and the strategic positioning of referral requests to increase the likelihood of success. His detailed approach involves knowing who you want to be introduced to, utilizing platforms like LinkedIn to enhance the ask and following up with the contact in a personalized and timely manner.

Furthermore, Ian Dunlap delves into the significance of staying top of mind with contacts and the value of utilizing social media to engage and offer support. Rashad and Ian stress the importance of remaining genuinely engaged and informed about the activities and milestones of contacts, emphasizing the impact of personalized communication and acknowledgment. Additionally, Rashad announces the launch of his master class, where he will be delving deeper into his 10-step networking program, providing a unique opportunity for learners to gain firsthand insights and actionable strategies for networking success.

Join Rashad Bilal and Ian Dunlap on Market Mondays as they share real-life experiences, practical advice, and the secrets to achieving success through strategic networking.

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