Main Character Energy & Moving Too Fast

podcast June 11, 2024

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Lily Womble, host of the Date Brazen podcast, shares insights from her new book, “Thank You, More Please” so that you can navigate the dating world with eyes wide open and a little main character energy. Plus, she will share how to know when it’s time for a dating detox. 

The Dating Dish story this week is based on new findings from Tinder:

  • The Green Flags Study on Assumptions & Dating

Then our Dear Damona question this week is:

  • How fast is too fast when dating a new match?

Follow Lily on Instagram @DateBrazen and be sure to grab a copy of her new book, “Thank You, More Please”.

Read the Tinder study by visiting:

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(00:00:00) Intro

(00:01:38) Tinder’s “Green Flag Study” on assumptions in dating 

(00:05:47) Challenges in modern dating 

(00:07:00) Creating positive dating experiences 

(00:14:57) Criticism of dating apps 

(00:17:24) The challenges of modern dating 

(00:18:36) Design of dating apps 

(00:19:01) Impact of dating apps on users 

(00:21:23) Dependency on dating apps 

(00:22:22) Main character energy in dating 

(00:25:57) The practice of dating skills 

(00:30:15) Challenging societal messaging 

(00:29:11) Bragging on a date 

(00:34:22) Brazen Bragging 

(00:38:08) Essence Based Preferences 

(00:42:18) Dating Detox: When and Why 

(00:48:28) Importance of Intentional Dating 

(00:49:21) Navigating Relationship Preparation 

(00:49:58) Lily Womble’s new book, “Thank You More Please” 

(00:50:27) Listener Question: Relationship Pace 

(00:51:52) The Notion of “Slow Love” 

(00:53:06) Balancing New Love and Personal Life 

(00:55:21) Cherishing New Love 

(00:56:32) Invitation for Questions and Future Episode Preview

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