Mailbag! Packers’ Ownership Model, Welcome to the NFL Moment & More

June 3, 2024

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Domonique and Charlie answer questions from fan in this special mailbag episode! Topics include the Packers’ ownership model, the easiest job in football, seven-footers in the NFL, best animal facts, nicknames for Charlie, Domonique’s welcome to the NFL moment, and much more!

0:00 Mailbag episode!

0:55 Would NFL teams be better off following the Packers’ ownership model?

9:35 How important is it to hold onto a good offensive coordinator once you find one?

13:24 What’s the easiest job in football to fake through?

15:37 Should an NFL team sign a seven-footer to block kicks and catch fades?

19:18 What’s your favorite “off top” topic?

20:15 What is an underrated sports city?

21:33 Who’s your favorite Terp of all-time?

22:59 Which of your co-workers could successfully do a stand-up set?

27:07 Does Charlie prefer being called Vanilla Snack or Justin Timberfake?

29:11 When’s the last time either of you drank Hpnotiq?

29:59 What’s your current friend/show guest power ranking?

32:05 Is content brain terminal?

32:53 What was your welcome to the NFL moment?

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