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Little Woman Big Dreams feat. Tanya Tahana

podcast June 5, 2024

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This week Good Moms are joined by reality star, artist & mother Tanya Tahanna. Join the conversation as Tanya tells all about her behind-the-scenes experience on the reality show Little Women of Atlanta, and her experience growing up as a little person. Tanya also shares her experience raising children that share her disability plus the fears and reality of living with a disability and protecting her children in a sometimes cruel world. Tune in until the end to learn how the adult industry broke her stage fright and broke the bank. Will Milah & Erica finally get an Onlyfans? Subscribe to Patreon to hear the full episode!

In this episode, you can expect to hear:

  • How to educate your kids when it comes to people different from them.
  • The real on not-so-reality TV.
  • Important things to consider when raising little people.
  • The challenges of discussing puberty with your kids.
  • Protecting your kids from predators and keeping an open dialogue with them.

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