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Lifestyle Marketing Can 10X Your Business! – Danielle Leslie

podcast December 31, 1969

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This is a clip from Course Creation Is Making Everyday Millionaires – Episode #271 w/ Danielle Leslie

If you have a skillset, are an expert in your field, or can teach others your steps to becoming successful you should consider course creation. Danielle Leslie is one of the world's most successful course creators and with over 50,000 people enrolled in her courses around the world, she knows the blueprint to creating engaging, actionable, and profitable courses! Episode #271 is a MASTERCLASS on Marketing, Course Creation, and Tapping Into Your Life's Message! We'll tap into :

– Overcoming Self Doubt & Creating Based ON Your Strengths : How she was able to overcome limiting beliefs about her content, expertise, and value. We’ll also unpack how to deliver value to the marketplace keeping your strengths in mind.

– The Webinar Blueprint & Behind The Curtain of The Online Ed Industry : The keys to delivering successful webinars, why online education websites are exploding, and how to create your own info products.

– High Ticket Vs. Low Ticket – Why price points matter depending on the results you expect to get and how to correctly price your course based on where you are and who your ideal client is.

– Transactional Vs. Transformational Marketing : How to position yourself in the marketplace to help people transform into who they desire to be while providing value, making a great return in the process and building a tribe of your people.

And more!

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Show notes:

00:00 Podcast Preview And Sponsored By

02:44 Introducing Danielle Leslie

04:17 First Million Dollar Year

07:23 Making Money Without Being Out There

14:00 Working With Udemy

17:43 First Interaction With Social Media

20:12 Commercial Break

21:12 Applied Strategies To Growing Your Following

29:22 First Course Launched

39:56 Brain Picker Commercial

40:49 Course Model Breakdown

1:14:41 Making Pictures Into Words

1:22:38 Sponsored By

1:24:41 Podcast Predictions

1:37:31 Podcast Principles

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