Let’s Unlock Girl Code- Episode 26

podcast July 21, 2021

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Tune in as The Crew unlocks girl code. Hear the different perspectives on the following codes:
(1:42) If I ever dated him, he’s off limits.
(6:10) Friend informants
(7:54) Keep that shit anonymous
(11:20) Support the relationship regardless of your thoughts
(12:19) Friends shouldn’t have to compete with your man
(13:12) Secrets have no expiration date
(14:48) Keep it 💯
(17:02) Sibling boundaries
(19:26) Loose lips sink ships
(26:49)If I don’t like her…we don’t like her
(30:51)Platonic friendships with your ex
(38:41) Violations
(39:57) Is girl code extinct?

In this week’s Food for Thought, Kay discusses the Supreme Court’s assault on our voting rights and our democracy with their recent rulings to uphold voter restriction laws in Arizona and paving the way for the rich to buy elections in secret (45:06).

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