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Keith Lee Faces Death Threats, Nick Cannon’s Docuseries, & TJ Holmes and Amy Robach Reveal An Update On Instagram

podcast November 2, 2023

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Amanda and her team tackle a range of engaging topics on Group Chat Thursday. They start by discussing the experiences of food critic Keith Lee, who faced death threats after leaving reviews of Black-owned restaurants in Atlanta, sparking a debate about critiquing Black-owned businesses and customer service expectations. The conversation extends to the level of grace given to white-owned businesses compared to their Black-owned counterparts.

The Group Chat Topic of the Week explores first-date deal-breakers, including whether going to the Cheesecake Factory is a suitable choice for a first date. Amanda and Supreme engage in a spirited debate on this topic. The episode delves into relationship dynamics, specifically the timing of going Instagram official, and whether the public should be privy to relationship details on social media. The show concludes with “Jeremiah’s Most Likely To” and headlines of the day. Amanda Seales offers an insightful and engaging podcast episode, touching on various subjects and engaging her audience in meaningful discussions.

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(3:47) – Group Chat Thursday – Food Critic Keith Lee is sharing his truth about restaurants in Atlanta. The crew chimes in.


(8:26) – The Group Chat continues: Is it cool for us to critique Black-owned businesses? What are some of your customer service turn-offs?


(12:53) – More Group Chat: Black-owned restaurants… Are they in service to make money or for clout?


(17:24) – It’s Group Chat Thursday: Do we give more grace to white-owned businesses?


(22:34) – Coming up this hour… the Group Chat topic of the week. What are your first date deal breakers, and would you go to the Cheesecake Factory on a first date?


(23:52) – The Group Chat Topic of the Week: Would you go to the Cheesecake Factory on a first date? Amanda and Supreme debate.


(28:45) – The Group Chat continues: The heated discussion on dating continues… Who do you agree with?


(33:48) – We open the phone lines so you can chime in. Would you go to the Cheesecake Factory on a first date? 1 855 262 6328.


(38:22) – The Group Chat continues: What makes a good first date?


(43:02) – TJ Holmes and Amy Robach, formerly of GMA, have gone IG official, AFTER they were let go for fraternizing on the job. We’ll talk about relationships on social media! How soon is too soon to post your boo thing? If you go social media official, are the people entitled to relationship play by plays? The good and bad?! We’ll also have JEREMIAH’S MOST LIKELY TO.


(45:35) – It’s Group Chat Thursday! How soon is too soon to go Instagram Official with your partner?


(50:10) – We’re still in the group chat! After you go Instagram Official, is everything you say online automatically related to your relationship?


(59:35) – Jeremiah’s Most Likely Too – Mostly like to Double it! #BlueIvyCarter


(1:02:05) – Word of the day!


(1:04:52) – Amanda’s I Be Knowin’. Revelations from being outside.


(1:09:15) – 60 Second Headlines


Story 1 – The jury in the YSL Rico case will begin seating this week. Young Thug put in a request for a speedy trial after his arrest last year, but the jury selection process began in January and has lasted since. The selection is considered to be “the longest in Georgia” history.


Story 2 – Walmart unveiled over a hundred revamped stores this week that have been recalibrated to pull in more customers and keep them in stores for longer.


Story 3 – Nick Cannon will debut his docuseries, Nick Cannon Presents: Future Superstars, on Nov. 21 on VH1.


Story 4 – Track and field world champion Sha’Carri (Sha-Kerry) Richardson is one of 11 women up for the 2023 Women’s World Athlete of the Year award.


(1:12:19) – We’ll go to the phonelines. Who should run for president?


(1:16:45) – Thanks for listening to the Amanda Seales Show!






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