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Joy is holding you open for everything that’s meant for you.

podcast April 26, 2024

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It may not look like much right now,

but It feels like much,

doesn’t it?

You have to trust (t)His Feeling beyond feelings, this Primal Feeling.

You are re-familiarizing yourself with this Peace that you thought was impossible until your prayer was answered.

You keep closing your heart and looking,

waiting for a reason to open your heart,

 or to keep it open.

But the reasons come after you open. 

The answered prayer comes after you open.

And you will close back up a million times today.

But each time is an opportunity to notice and open again,

knowing that, ‘When I’m open, I am That. It is here. It is done, already’.

This is the Way.

Can you remain open while holding this Joy,

allowing this Joy to hold you open?

Let those words go past your mind.

Let them go past ‘you’,

as Joy is holding you open for everything that’s meant for you. 

I Love you,


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“This was a sacred moment during which they strove to commune with the soul of the text and of wisdom. They let themselves be imbued, and passed through by this soul. They captured its energy in order to keep it inside themselves, and learn to carry it in life. They used this energy to heal the sick. The Virgin was particularly gifted at making this energy descend into her abdomen, and at keeping it for a very long time. She would say, “What is essential is not finding the Light, but being in the Light, and keeping it within. The technique also consisted in calling upon the Angel of joy, drawing joy inside oneself, and, finally, transmitting it in purity.” – Mary, the Essene Virgin

What is essential is not finding the Light but being in the Light and keeping It within. 

“From the Place of Light I came forth, from you, Bright Habitation. I come to touch hearts, to measure and try all minds, to see in whose heart I dwell. Whoever thinks of me, of him I think; whoever calls my Name, his name I will call. Whosoever prays my prayer from the earth, his prayer I will offer from the Place of Light.” – The Canonical Prayer Book of the Mandeans 


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