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John W. Rogers Jr. Went From Getting Stocks As A Childhood Gift To Starting First Black Mutual Fund

podcast December 31, 1969

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Welcome to another enlightening clip of Market Mondays! Today, our hosts Ian Dunlap, Troy Millings, Rashad Bilal, and our prestigious guest, John W. Rogers Jr., delve into the riveting backstory of how Ariel Investments was born and soared to a $15 billion enterprise under his leadership.

John shares his unique upbringing, influenced heavily by his family's deep-rooted engagement in entrepreneurship and social justice. From receiving stocks as birthday presents instead of toys at the age of twelve to inheriting a profound mission of building black wealth, John's journey is nothing short of inspirational. His father, a courageous Tuskegee airman and his mother, the first African American woman to graduate from the University of Chicago Law School in 1946, instilled in him the virtues of resilience and foresight.

Discover how being exposed to the stock market at an early age fueled John's passion for investing. He recounts crucial lessons learned from mentors like the first African American stockbroker on LaSalle Street, Stacy Adams, shaping his strategies and perspective on investments. Hear about his educational journey at Princeton, where he adopted a contrarian investment philosophy influenced by the classic "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" by Burt Malkiel.

John W. Rogers Jr. does not just talk about stocks and markets; he shares powerful narratives about overcoming adversities, citing historical market crashes and opportunities that arise in times of maximum pessimism. He highlights how Ariel Investments embraces a long-term, value-oriented investment approach, drawing parallels between historical resilience through tumultuous times and steady economic growth.

Our hosts touch upon Ariel's favorite stock picks, including Madison Square Garden Entertainment and the significance of such investments in today's economic landscape. John W. Rogers Jr. also elaborates on what it means to be a contrarian investor, emphasizing independent thinking and the courage to invest during times of fear and uncertainty.

Lastly, John reflects on the technological and entrepreneurial revolutions he's witnessed since founding Ariel in 1983, inspired by Chicago’s business legends like John Johnson of Ebony and Jet magazines and George Johnson of Afro Sheen.

Don’t miss out on this compelling narrative of success, resilience, and strategic foresight on Market Mondays – your go-to channel for empowerment through financial literacy.


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