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Its The First Of The Month | Episode 103

podcast May 1, 2023

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The Amanda Seales podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking to stay informed and entertained on current events and cultural issues. 

In the latest episode, Amanda and Jeremiah like the bible discussed a range of topics, including the tragic news of a shooting in Texas that claimed the lives of five individuals. 

The conversation then shifted to Dwayne Wade’s decision to move his family from Florida due to the state’s LGBTQ policies, highlighting the ongoing struggle for equal rights and protections for marginalized communities.

The podcast also explored the top countries for black expats, offering valuable insights into the experiences and challenges faced by those who choose to live abroad. 

Jermaine Dupri also hit the internet to clear the air about the controversial Freaknik documentary, shedding light on the complexities of representation and storytelling in the media.

Finally, Amanda Seales plays back some of Roy Wood JR’s best jokes at the white house correspondents’ dinner, Amanda and Jeremiah like the Bible share their thoughts on the event and the state of political humor in today’s society. 

Overall, the Amanda Seales podcast offers a thought-provoking and entertaining platform for engaging with the most pressing issues of our time. Listen, laugh, and learn with Amanda Seales.


(04:47) BLACKURATE NEWS: 5 Dead In Texas ‘Execution-Style’ Shooting

(09:13) Dwyane Wade Moved His Family Out Of Florida Over State’s LGBTQ Policies

(14:13) The Group Chat: Top Countries For Black Expats

(19:21) JOIN THE CONVERSATION! 855-AMANDA-8  THAT’S 855-262-6328! 

(21:46) BLACKURATE NEWS: A Civil Rights Class At Eastern Florida State College Was Canceled Due To One Students Discomfort

(31:00) Jermaine Dupri Clears The Air About Upcoming ‘Freaknik’ Documentary

(35:17) Plus The Big Up, Let Down!! … It’s Time To Get Spotlighted! 

(38:06) BIG UP, LET DOWN  BIG UP –  Beloved ‘Avatar The Last Airbender’ Series Gets Release Date For Animated Movie

(41:31) Join The Conversation! 855-AMANDA-8  THAT’S 855-262-6328!

(51:50) BLACKURATE NEWS: Moms For Liberty School Board Candidate In East Stroudsburg Says She’s Against The Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion 

(56:39) Giannis Atantkwompo Of Milwaukee Bucks On Failure

(60:00) Finally We Preview Small Doses! The Side Effects Of Mean Girls! 

(63:59) The White House Correspondents Dinner Was This Weekend. We Have Some Of Comedian Roy Wood Jr’s Best Jokes

(66:40) Politicians Say The Darndest Things

(71:10) [60 Second Headlines]





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