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Infidelity in the Age of Instagram: Who Cheats More?

podcast June 4, 2024

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Join us in this eye-opening episode where we dive deep into the complexities of modern dating. Discover what happens when people don't quite match their online profiles, and hear firsthand accounts of real-life catfishing. Our guests share their experiences and insights on seeking authenticity in a world where appearances can be deceiving. Tune in to explore the humorous yet poignant side of digital dating and find out what it truly means to keep it real in relationships. Don't miss this blend of laughs, lessons, and life stories!

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[00:00:00] Preview
[00:05:51] Soft version of prostitution.
[00:09:59] Sugar Baby lifestyle insights.
[00:13:32] Choosing values over materialism.
[00:17:43] Declining a date for catfishing.
[00:20:02] Catfishing in online dating.
[00:22:43] Enhanced self-image standards.
[00:26:46] Dating show controversies.
[00:29:47] Women's rejection in online dating.
[00:33:00] Insights from meeting family.
[00:37:05] Family dynamics and relationships.
[00:40:01] Relationship dynamics with parents.
[00:43:03] The pressures of male appearance.
[00:47:25] The benefits of gender differences.
[00:50:55] Infidelity in modern relationships.
[00:54:51] Monogamy and cultural perspectives.
[00:57:51] Accountability in relationships.
[00:59:03] Double standards in dating.
[01:04:48] Women and the idea of the man being the prize.
[01:06:00] Ego and self-control in relationships.
[01:08:44] Beauty standards and self-acceptance.

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