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Imposter Syndrome x Burnout x Zone of Genius w/ Felecia Hatcher | Episode 163

podcast December 31, 1969

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In this episode, I'm introducing you to Felecia Hatcher, a dynamic entrepreneur and advocate for Black innovation, and Pharrell Williams' partner for Black Ambition.

Felicia shares her journey of empowering Black communities, the importance of finding and monetizing your genius, and how to overcome burnout. From creating impactful tech opportunities to discussing the nuances of self-care, this conversation is packed with valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone looking to live their life to the fullest. Tune in for an inspiring discussion on purpose, community, and the power of staying true to your passion!

This Episode Covers:

– Felecia's journey from grassroots entrepreneurship to leading Black Ambition.

– The significance of purpose and community support in achieving long-term success.

– Overcoming the stigmas around asking for help and the importance of communal knowledge.

– Personal experiences with burnout and practical strategies for prevention and recovery.

– The necessity of staying in your "zone of genius" for maximum impact and fulfillment.

– The role of support systems and the benefits of outsourcing non-essential tasks.

– The importance of wellness, rest, and self-care in entrepreneurial success.


00:49 – 01:16 – Felecia's introduction and her work with Black Ambition.

03:08 – 03:23 – Pre-Black Ambition work and its impact on the community.

05:43 – 05:55 – The necessity of visible social entrepreneurship.

07:24 – 07:46 – Felecia’s advice to new entrepreneurs and the importance of community support.

10:02 – 10:35 – The communal nature of the Black community and the importance of shared knowledge.

11:42 – 11:52 – Overcoming the stigma of asking for help.

13:43 – 14:30 – Physical and emotional symptoms of burnout.

16:07 – 16:35 – Solutions for burnout and the role of entrepreneurship.

18:07 – 18:33 – Reevaluating the culture of hustle and prioritizing sleep.

20:17 – 20:43 – The importance of having a supportive community and outsourcing tasks.

22:41 – 23:08 – Identifying and operating within your zone of genius.

25:47 – 25:57 – The importance of saying no to tasks that don’t align with your strengths.

27:17 – 27:28 – Recognizing and staying true to your unique contributions.

29:38 – 29:58 – The importance of toggling between excellence and genius in your work.


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