I Am the Sign

podcast March 17, 2023

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Love is saying-  Everything brought you to this moment, for you to hear this message, for you to receive this certainty, before you go back out into the appearance, the field of uncertainty. For you to feel this confidence, to be this Confidence, even while you appear to be unsure, even while in the storyline, you’re doubting, you’re stumbling, you’re falling. In your Heart, simultelsouly,  there’s a knowing that you’re carried. That all you have to do is relax and allow, let go and receive. Stand up and know you’re not alone,* know that you have Me by your side, in front of you, in back of you, within your Heart- that’s My Home. I’m always within and I Am  all you need. The ‘I Am’, this felt-Love, the way you know you’re alive, is all you need. ‘ I Love you, Nik Please help me keep the show ad free + Get Merch! ▶▶ ________________________________ Today’s Quotes: “What if today is the day? The day.  The day that you’ve been waiting for. The moment that changes your life forever.” -@saralandon via IG “In India, there is a proverb, ‘If God is happy with you, He gives you a lot, and if He is very happy with you, then He gives you a slap also’. This is because every time God gives you a slap, He turns you away from the material world towards Himself; He wants to draw you to Himself. Drop everything and look at Him. That is why He gives you the slap because He is too compassionate and too happy.” -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  “Love is the religion and the universe is the book.” -Rumi “What the universe manifests for us is much more exciting than what we are trying to manifest.” -Adyashanti “God’s Spirit of life approaches us so silently that we do not become aware of the presence immediately.” -St Sophrony “How does one make muddy water clear? Be still. and the water will clear in time. How does one become still? Let everything happen, and stillness appears. -Tao Te Ching, i5 (trans. Marshall Davis “Stand up! You are a warrior. You are not alone, you have Me by your side, I’m all you need.” -@neemkaroli_babaofficial__ 

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