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I Am the Magnificence and Glory of the Radiant Ones.

podcast April 9, 2024

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Can you hear your Name being called?

Not that the name your parents gave you,

but the Name you were given before your parents were born,

before your great-grandparents were born,

before your great, great, great great grandparents were born.

The Name you were given in the beginning.

The Name He spoke that is still sounding.

Can you hear? That’s just beneath my words.

Behind your thoughts,

behind your effort to hear.

Relax, effort,

relax into (y)our Name.

The sound of Silence, 

this Magnificence that you are. 

“I am the magnificence and glory of the radiant ones. There is nothing beyond Me in this creation.”- Sri Krishna 

“No matter where you are, no matter how difficult things might appear to be, you are always being moved toward magnificence. Always.” – Rhonda Byrne 

The Practice:

Today, know that the reason you’re still in that place or at that job is because God has a purpose for you (t)here. You’re (t)here for a reason.  And that reason is for you to see Him, where you see them– to do like Hafiz says, and ‘turn every one of them back into God’. If you’re on a Zoom call, stare at each box, at each face, until you can hear Silence, until you can sense Love where that box is, where that face is. And do that for every face. Make it a game. Those 2 hours will fly by, and everyone in the meeting will be blessed and will be changed because you showed up as the Light. You didn’t match the seeming energy. You are the Source of energy. You find Peace where you are and that’s how you are free to move on to the next level, to the next challenge. And when you get to the next challenge, you find Peace where you are, again. 

I Love you, 


“The calling out IS the response.”- Krishna Das 


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