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How to Meal Plan for Diabetes (Even if You Hate Cooking or Have No Time)

podcast May 29, 2024

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In this episode, the hosts are joined by Fernando Umanzor Guzman, a registered dietitian at Diabetes Digital with a deep understanding of cultural foods, who shares insight on how to meal plan for diabetes. Growing up in a Latin and African immigrant community in Washington D.C., Fernando is passionate about debunking myths surrounding cultural foods and promoting their health benefits. He shares practical insights on flexible meal planning, quick and easy meal ideas, and strategies for maintaining a balanced diet, especially for people with diabetes.
Fernando also discusses the importance of incorporating macronutrients and the benefits of using shelf-stable and frozen foods. Whether you're managing diabetes, looking to improve your diet, or curious about cultural foods, this episode offers valuable tips and inspiration.

In This Episode We’ll Cover: 

• The importance of meal planning for diabetes management and general well-being
• How to make meal planning flexible and adaptable for those with busy or unpredictable schedules
• How Fernando’s cultural upbringing influenced his approach to nutrition
• Misconceptions about cultural foods being unhealthy and how to debunk these myths
• Difference between a rigid meal plan and flexible meal planning
• Key macronutrients and how to incorporate them effectively into meals
• Practical tips for quick and easy meal ideas, including shelf-stable and frozen foods
• Strategies for meal planning during special occasions and holidays
• Advice for managing diabetes and preventing hypoglycemia through proper meal planning and preparation

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