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How to Heal with Alex Elle

podcast December 31, 1969

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In this week’s episode, we are continuing our end-of-year rest and digest series with the incredible, Alex Elle. Together, we have an honest talk about healing — the good, the challenging, and everything in between.

Alex also shares what it’s like to heal your inner child while raising children, the importance of taking time for reflection, and even the joys of her walking practice. This conversation is packed with wisdom, thoughtfulness, and stunning truths.

Alex Elle is a New York Times best selling author and wellbeing teacher who helps others find their voice and create clarity in their lives and relationships. She just released her latest book How We Heal, which guides us on a life changing journey to begin again, grow, and heal not only ourselves, but the generations after.

We Also Talk About…

  • Opening the box and being with the mess
  • Giving ourselves grace and permission to be soft
  • Empowering children to share when their feelings are hurt
  • Healing as an act of community care
  • Common misconceptions about healing
  • Embracing emotional rest and allowing space to be present with joy
  • The most powerful tools for healing — walking and writing
  • The stunning beauty of the truth

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