How To Eliminate Half Of Your Audience

podcast April 25, 2022 1

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There’s some creators who make it a habit to alienate half of their audience, what are they thinking?

Off Season

Isn’t strange when your favorite writer, celeb or podcaster goes out of their way to attack half of their potential audience. In today’s world everything is political down to a comedy sketch to your favorite ice-cream. If you’re not all the way left or right of the political spectrum there are pundits forcing you to pick a side, and not just joining the club but going to war against the other camp. Even on Twitter bios the line is clear, you’re either with me or against me.

Like sheep, many of us believe the mass media, stick to our own kind and cast an evil eye on outsiders. We as earthlings need to rise above the pigeonhole and stop alienating each other.

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