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How to Become Your Highest Self: Essential Glow-Up Tips with Jaz Turner

podcast May 21, 2024

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#236: Imagine the version of you who is living your dream life. What habits does she have? How does she talk to herself each day? Listen to day’s episode to develop the habits and mindset you need to become her.

I’m excited to sit down and chat about all things glow-up with content creator and wellness influencer, Jaz Turner. Tune in for tips on how to kickstart your self-improvement journey through reframing your thoughts, investing in yourself, and finding wellness tools that unlock your highest self.

We Also Talk About…

  • Jaz’s glow up journey and career pivot from law
  • How to make social media work for you as a source of inspiration
  • How to invest in yourself and find the catalyst to your confidence
  • Journaling practices and affirmations that help you connect to your higher self
  • How to practice mindfulness when consuming content
  • How to check in with yourself to ensure you’re making the right decisions for you


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