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(Heated Debate) Why Your Man Should Have a Say in What You Wear

podcast May 2, 2023

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In this video, we explore the idea of why it's important for your man to have a say in what you wear. While many people believe that your style choices should be solely up to you, there are some valid reasons why your partner's opinion should be taken into consideration. We'll discuss how your appearance can affect your relationship, why compromise is key, and how to communicate effectively with your partner about your wardrobe choices. Whether you're in a long-term relationship or just starting out, this video will give you some food for thought about the role of fashion in your romantic life.Join this channel to get access to perks:

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00:00 – preview

00:01:32 – ladies introduce themselves.

00:02:46 – What is something you hear from the opposite sex that you may think is preventing them from building a healthy relationship?

00:04:46 Cooperate, don't submit.

00:09:43 Partnership, not slavery.

00:12:41 Financial stability is key.

00:16:43 Find someone who inspires you.

00:20:29 Protect yourself at all times.

00:23:38 Women are walking targets.

00:30:02 – Should your man have a say in what you wear outside?

00:30:45 Don't control your partner.

00:31:43 Respect Women's Boundaries.

00:37:09 Men should not control women's clothing.

00:38:59 – Guest calls her dad and proves the fellas right!

00:40:00 Be liberated and empowered.

00:45:17 Cooperation, not submission.

00:50:39 Do not judge women by appearance.

00:56:14 Respect individual preferences.

00:57:18 – outro

00:58:40 Therapy and separate rooms.

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