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Hard Conversations Become Easier The More You Have Them – David & Donni (Clip from #318)

podcast December 31, 1969

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When we don't give things the proper attention those things will have their way. A house won't clean itself. A car will not maintain itself. A good relationship won't automatically stay good without certain things intentionally happen in order to keep it in a desirable space.

Let's stay on the topic of relationships. In most cases, two people that call themselves "friends" likely talk regularly. They at least do something regularly.. even if it's once a year.. It's regular. The word "regular" implies that something is being done on a level of consistency that keeps it what it is. As soon as that stops, someone will bring up the conversation addressing why it's not happening. They will either decide to adjust what they do regularly or decide to something else on a regular basis. But, if they just stop… They will question whether or not they are friends. Usually, a conversation is useful in making the situation right.

But, what if one of the friends doesn't won't to have a conversation out of fear that the other friend is mad at them. Should the conversation be avoided hoping that it'll solve itself? We all know that's not the best route to go…

Confrontation doesn't always equal drama. There are way peaceful ways to confront issues. Have an end goal in mind to communicate what your thoughts are about an issue. That way nobody's making assumptions.

In business, it's necessary to confront issues quickly so that the entity isn't negatively impacted. Confrontation is needed to keep things in order. It doesn't have to be all bad.

Don't be afraid of confronting issues.

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