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Getting to Product Market Fit, Harvard MBA vs Startup Experience

podcast April 24, 2024

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In this episode, Matt Watson interviews Rob Snyder, the founder and CEO of Reframe, about product market fit and the challenges of being an entrepreneur. They discuss the definition of product market fit, the importance of customer case studies, and the need to focus on solving specific problems for a target audience.

Rob shares insights from his program for founders and emphasizes the value of talking to customers and iterating on the sales pitch. They also touch on the difficulty of scaling and the limitations of traditional business education in teaching early-stage startup strategies.

The conversation explores the challenges of finding product-market fit and starting a business. It emphasizes the importance of focusing on customer needs and simplifying the process of building a startup. Matt and Rob discuss the common struggles of not knowing how to build the right product or sell it effectively. They highlight the need to listen to customers’ problems rather than their proposed solutions and to frame everything in the context of a customer success story. The conversation also touches on the value of a Harvard degree in entrepreneurship and the ongoing desire to start new ventures.

Tune in to learn that product market fit is not all that complicated.


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Highlighted Discussion Points

  • Product market fit, with a focus on repeatable customer success stories. 0:31
  • Helping startups find product-market fit through customer understanding and messaging. 3:47
  • Finding and serving early customers for startups. 9:18
  • Product market fit and scaling a business. 16:21
  • Product development and customer feedback. 22:02
  • Product development and customer success. 28:14
  • Product market fit and pivoting in startups. 31:22
  • Product development and scaling startups. 37:08


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