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Funky Fvc#ery: Hip-Hop & the Evil Mindstate – ConscienCeD & The Chakra Doctor on #GetOnCode

podcast December 21, 2021

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In this #GOC Masterclass we learn and earn with ConscienCeD from the Conscience Or Crazy?? Podcast, Minister Zumbi Shawalla, and the #LoveGang’s Chakra Doctor. The purpose or goal of the Conscience Or Crazy?? Podcast is to make individuals think for themselves think and question everything including if they are Conscience Or Crazy? This conversation was real Cray’!

#HipHop #Drake #WuTang #ChakraDoctor #Love 

Get On Code, share the code, teach the code, become the code. Our code is empowerment. Focused on #Empowerment, passionate about #BlackEmpowerment, the Get On Code (The Fly Guy Show), is built on the #EmpowermentAgenda, and led by the Conscious Ω Bruh’ @SekoVarner aka #MrEmpowerment. #GetOnCode #GetOnCodeShow #GetOnCodePodcast #TheFlyGuysShow

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