From Midlife Crisis To Million Dollar Brand

podcast December 31, 1969

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Get out your notebook because smart advice comes fast and furious on this episode of The Girl CEO Podcast. Host Ronne Brown welcomes beauty influencer and educator Kay Lynn, who is sharing her journey from being a single mom with “zero clients, zero dollars” to leading a seven-figure luxury hair extension business that is changing lives. Her #1 online teaching platform @KerriAlstonHair offers not only education and mastery but also a community for entrepreneurial women looking to grow their beauty ventures. Has getting to this point been easy? Of course not. But as these two dynamic women remind us, it’s a process! You’ll come away with important advice related to relationships (self-love comes first!), building out a business (don’t rush it!), setting expectations and creating a network of support to get you through the inevitable bumps and bruises. There’s no use being “thirsty for a relationship or companionship when really we just have to learn to be content with ourselves,” says Kay, whose meaningful (profitable!) life is grounded in a hard-won sense of self-worth that she has also modelled for her kids. Are you ready to let old assumptions go and clear the way for something better? This episode is full of actionable strategies to change your mindset, grow your brand and watch your new vision take flight!


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(01:00) Welcome to the pod and a little bit of background about Kay, her business and journey.

(02:18) Why Kay made mastery her first priority as a stylist – a commitment that paid huge dividends when she showcased that expertise in a YouTube video and it took off!

(03:30) Tip #1: Stay on it! Because she pushed herself to get licensed as a cosmetology instructor, Kay was qualified and ready to go when online teaching caught fire during Covid.

(04:30) Getting into the Beautiful Backstory:

• Kay started doing hair about 13 years ago and bounced around in various jobs.

• As a single mom of two, an independent, sustainable source of income was key.

• From “zero clients, zero dollars,” Kay was all about self-empowerment.

• Wanting the “fairy tale” sparked an eye-opening relationship that left her vulnerable.

(07:30) Tip #2: Check your thirst! When it comes to launching relationships, look for those red flags and always keep self-love at the forefront and your whole “self” intact.

(10:15) Ronne and Kay dig into mythmaking and the way we are raised, starting as little girls, to feel incomplete unless and until the fairy tale prince shows up.

(11:10) Tip #3: Keep your head straight and surround yourself with people who are likeminded. You can check all the boxes, but learning to love yourself (and be okay on your own) attracts everything else you want in life – especially a solid and loving partner!

(13:14) Can you really be happy single? Yes. Kay has experienced it! Far from thirsty, she was turning people down. And by focusing on her whole self, she was preparing for her right person.

(14:05) Tip #4: Your partner isn’t going to be your everything and not every day is going to be great, so dig in and understand: Relationships are hard. Life is hard. And it’s okay!

(15:00) How Covid19 gave Kay the invaluable break that she needed to get quiet, hear from God and regroup to change her business “completely for the better.”

(15:35) All About Kerri Alston Hair:

• #1 online training platform for luxury hair extensions.

• Luxury extension training certifications.

• Access to KA Beauty Pro Wholesale Buyer’s Club Membership.

(17:00) About Kay’s mission to help other stylists tap into the billion-dollar beauty industry and reach beyond self-limiting beliefs about “only” being a service provider!

(18:30) Notes from the owner of a seven-figure business. What’s important to know:

• Broaden your mindset and look for big ideas.

• Know that you can build and own something that goes beyond service.

• Pursue what you love!

(19:35) How to Establish Multiple Income Streams:

• Locate different ways to monetize your existing business.

• Think BIG and think ahead – 10 years down the line

• Make a mental transition to lock in and focus on big-picture goals.

(20:37) Drying the Tears: Shedding dysfunctional relationships can be hard but it also opens us up – if we’re willing – to fresh energy and big possibility.

(22:30) Tip #5: Starting over offers us a chance to humble ourselves and dig into uncomfortable places, which is where growth occurs.

(23:00) Broke, working a $10 an hour job and living at her mom’s house, Kay wasn’t giving up on her kids or herself. She got up each day, got dressed and started talking to people, looking for opportunities to rebuild and be the entrepreneur she knew she could be.

(26:00) Tip #6: Don’t let Instagram fool you. Being an entrepreneur is hard work. It’s a journey, and a grind and no one else’s responsibility. If you’re giving up stability, be prepared!

(27:42) How Kay made her luck change: While working at Ulta (far from her ideal job) Kay lobbied to introduce luxury hair extensions, then recruited customers by introducing herself, networking and cultivating what would become the start of her clientele.

(29:15) Tip #7: Working relationships are so important. It’s not about making a quick dollar. Your success is built on loyalty and attention to client needs – regardless of business sector.

(30:15) Content is Currency: Kay documented her brand and service, creating social media posts that captured the personalized, luxury in-home concierge experience she could provide.

(33:00) Tip #8: Remember that there are people out there who genuinely want to help you promote your talent or skill. Reach out to mentors. Build that network!

(34:21) Tip #9: Do not put pressure on your friends and family. Lower expectation and let them organically come around after they see what it is that you’ve been doing!

(38:20) Tip #10: Stay Nimble and be patient! Businesses require flexibility and time in order to grow without overextending. What not to do:

• Get locked into big overhead.

• Take on a bunch of debt.

• Get stuck in a box when you’re actually in a position to negotiate.

(39:00) Kay walks us through how she grew her business incrementally from a mobile service in women’s homes to a by-the-day booth to a permanent salon home and online platform.

(42:00) Starting Over: It’s what Kay regularly does – and what all of us have to do if we want to move towards a better vision.





• “It was fairly new when I started doing luxury extensions. It was kind of a hidden thing. I saw some white space and jumped in!” (Kay)


• “It’s crazy how we play small with ourselves versus saying, ‘I’m going to work for myself and have my own brand.’ ” (Ronne)


• “The beauty industry is the most lucrative industry. There is so much money!” (Ronne)


• “As women we want to be successful but, as I always say, success is a very small portion of your happiness.” (Ronne)


• “I never regret any of my experiences because I always come out on top by learning something.” (Kay)


• “When you’re looking for somebody, you’re going to be so … thirsty for a relationship or companionship when really we just have to learn to be content with ourselves. And just be patient, because you don’t want someone that’s not for you.” (Kay)


• “When I saw that next level of success I wanted to tell more people about it so they could also be successful.” (Kay)


• “Once I got out of the (bad) relationship, it’s like my mind just opened up!” (Kay)


• “If you’re going to be successful you have to promote yourself!” (Ronne)


• “It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, if you develop (a strong) relationship with your clients … Those little acts of kindness go a very long way.” (Ronne)


• “Content is currency. Without content, it’s like, is it really happening? If you’re not capturing the moment it’s like it didn’t happen.” (Kay)


• “Give (your business) all that you have and then I promise it gets easier because it starts to work on your behalf.” (Kay)


• “Allow your business to push you into the next level … Allow it to grow and push you into that space where you’ve got enough income coming in that it’s time to transition out.” (Ronne)


• “Sometimes you just have to wait until it’s your time … Sometimes it’s your time to not expect recognition, edification, applause. Just do the work and eventually it will be your time.” (Ronne)


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