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Freelance Vs Full-Time Employment: Which should you go for?

podcast January 29, 2024

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Today’s topic of discussion is which works best: freelancing or employment? There’s pros and cons to both; do you want security, or freedom? Are there ways to get both? Robyn and Sophie have had their share of experiences in both and are giving us some insight into this question on most young professional’s minds.

You can join us on Friday for your bonus episode of Loose Lips Extra Lippy! Have your most burning and urgent dilemmas answered with the sage and expert wisdom of Robyn and Sophie as they tackle everything from ghosting to co-worker romance. Not sure why you’re feeling bloated? Let us know and we’ll discuss it in Extra Lippy.


Send in your dilemmas, questions or topics to or drop a WhatsApp message or voice note starting with the word “LIPS” to 07599 927537.




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