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Flushing The BS That Black Folk Accept – A #TheFlyGuysShow

podcast October 18, 2020 1

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Someone left crap in the toilet. We’ bout’ to flush it! I.E. The Black Community has some stuff that we accepted that we need to address. DISCLAIMER – We’re not stupid.. The use of the word ‘Black’ in reference to people is used a commonly accepted term to describe Melaninated people of some level of African and/or Afro-Indigenous / Indigenous / Aborigine / American-Aborigine / Asiatic, Afro-Asian, Moorish, Indian, Afro-Indio, Afro-Indian, Neo-Nubian, etc. descent. (i.e. No, we do not think that we are adjectives. We are not literally talking about the crayon color of one’s skin, we are not necessarily discussing a nationality or legal status at all times, and we don’t believe that we are from the planet, country, Nation or city named “Black”. We do love and support the family that is adamant and strict about these distinctions while we are more fluid in the use of the terminology.

The Fly Guys Show is Practical Consciousness for the Black Conscious Community and OUR Conscious allies. We straight about flushing the BullSh*t out of our Folk. Featuring Fly Folk #DjSekoVarner and @starr__armstrong with a host of Fly Folk and special guests, our podcast gives you stuff you need to know with an underlying focus on Melaninated Economics and politics. Join us as we discuss Uplift, Conscious Consumerism, Business activity, Social progress, and Community activism with fellow investors, educators, business people, authors, content creators, and community activists. # 4yearsoffocus.

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