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EYL #288 From Cell to CEO: How 13 Years in Prison Led to a Million-Dollar Anti-Violence Nonprofit

podcast December 31, 1969

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Welcome to today's episode of Earn Your Leisure! In this powerful session, we explore the transformative journeys individuals embark on after incarceration, the vital role of nonprofits in society, and practical guidance for those looking to make a meaningful impact through charitable work with Jonathan Alvarez. 

Topics covered include:

– Essential steps to rebuild your life after prison.

– Understanding the rehabilitative aim of incarceration.

– Starting a nonprofit: A step-by-step guide.

– Revenue models for nonprofit organizations.

– Addressing and overcoming post-incarceration trauma.

– Jonathan Alvarez's inspiring story of founding a nonprofit focused on combatting mass incarceration after his 13-year sentence.

– Rehabilitation programs within prisons aimed at preparing inmates for reintegration.

– The psychological impacts of time spent in prison.

– Why working in a nonprofit can be invaluable experience before starting your own.

– Effective strategies for securing funding for your nonprofit initiatives.

– The importance of mission over money in nonprofit work.

– Tips for recruiting the right board members for your nonprofit.

– Understanding state funding regulations for nonprofits.

– How achieving a higher Guidestar seal can enhance your nonprofit's appeal to donors.

– Exploring the lasting impact of trauma as symbolic baggage.

Tune in as we delve into these topics, providing insights and advice to empower you and help pave the way for success in the nonprofit sector.

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