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Exploring Black Theater History and Groundbreaking Productions with LeeAnet Noble & Dr. Drew Lichtenberg

podcast December 29, 2023

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In this episode of The Truth in This Art podcast, host Rob Lee interviews Dr. Drew Lichtenberg and LeeAnet Noble, two esteemed professionals from the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, D.C. They discuss their careers, contributions to Black theater history, and their groundbreaking productions. 🎭🎤

Episode Highlights:

-Introduction to Dr. Drew Lichtenberg and Leone Noble 🎙️ (00:00:10)
-Early memories that sparked their passion for the arts 🌟 (00:05:07)
-The journey to working at the Shakespeare Theatre Company 🎭 (00:10:23)
-The importance of representation and inclusivity in theater 🌍 (00:17:03)
-How their backgrounds and experiences inform their roles at STC 📚🌈 (00:29:50)
-Superstitions and rituals in the theater world 🧙‍♀️🎭 (00:42:02)

Key Takeaways:

-Dr. Drew Lichtenberg and LeeAnet Noble have made significant contributions to Black theater history.
-Teaching Black theater history is crucial for preserving and celebrating the contributions of Black artists.
-Groundbreaking productions push boundaries and create new opportunities for diverse voices in theater.
-Equity and belonging are essential for creating an inclusive and thriving theater community. 🌐🤝

Visit the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s website to learn more about their productions and support their mission of promoting equity and belonging in theater. 🌐❤️🎭

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