Episode 95: How Will You Finish Your Race?

podcast December 2, 2019

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Welcome to Hustle in Faith. This podcast is dedicated to helping you find your trail to a happier healthier you by discussing topics regarding Christianity, health & wellness, beauty & so much more! I’m your host Tosha Johnson.

This is Episode 95. (Season 2 Episode 28) How will you finish your race?

I can’t believe that in a few short weeks, we will not only be celebrating another New Year but a new decade. I can’t help but laugh thinking about the year 2020 being around the corner. I distinctly remember graduating from high school back in 2000. I had these plans in my head about how my life would be.

My life is entirely different than the one I had planned. I must say, the life God has guided me to is much better! Even looking back at my ups and downs, I can truly say they were a blessing in disguise. Those valleys (downtimes) I went through prepared me for the amazing view I am now enjoying. Discover why where you start doesn’t mean that’s where you will finish. 

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