Episode 277 | The Kinsey Scale

podcast June 14, 2024

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We survived the second week of Men’s Mental Health Month! Demaris gives Mal yet another reason to go to therapy when he discovers that she took another man on their planned date to see Bad Boys 4 (5:02). Meanwhile, he was at the Nick Grant show alone and ran into Punch from TDE (15:00). The team is in awe that he lived to tell the tale. Rory gives us an update on how sleep training is going (as you can probably tell by the pain in his voice, not well) (17:35). Elon has yet again found a way to further ruin twitter (we’re never calling it ‘X’, go to hell) by removing the ability to see other user’s liked tweets. The team discusses their own likes and how instagram’s activity tab used to ruin relationships (24:46). TW: Michael Rainey Jr (Tariq) was SA’d on a livestream in front of children and released a statement and they guys give their opinions on it. Guess how supportive they are? 🙂 (49:21) They speak briefly on Hunter Biden’s gun charges and his crackhead decision making skills (1:06:20), then suddenly Demaris & Mal burst into a fight about the ways they’ve violated each other over the years (1:15:20). Luckily, we have voicemails to cool off the energy. Have you ever wished someone dead and that wish came true (1:21:28)? Demaris’ ex tried but she’s still here. We also give a young couple some advice about insecurities (1:29:20), and Julian and Demaris give their coming out stories. We also discuss Joey Chestnut’s Netflix special (41:07), Rory being jealous of James Blake (01:01:15), praying away the gay (1:43:15) + more!

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