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Episode 225: “Oblige for The 3.5” (w/ Vintage Lee)

June 3, 2024

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When it comes to Hip Hop, there are some artists who want to come off as the toughest, some want to be hailed as the best lyricist/songwriter, and some just have a whole lotta fun making the music and sound really f*ckin cool while doing it. This week’s guest is definitely more of the latter and has been coveted as such by her fans and peers since her earliest recordings! The #Roxbury native, Vintage Lee finally makes her first official appearance on the pod and we had a whole lotta fun having her on as well. 
Join #CharlieMaSheen & #KASH as they host the “Need 4 Speed” artist as we dive in on a conversation about her musical career and how shes been able to garner so much attention online. We spoke about her mystique as an artist, comparisons to other rappers like #YoungMA, a HILARIOUS recent ig post, the upcoming project & SO MUCH MORE‼️ We were going shot for shot and we gotta say we are impressed by how the PiMP was able to out-drink Kash 🤣🤣🤣 We also closed out the podcast with a classic Vintage Lee style #RedCupsAndRap freestyle that could have only been done by her. TAP INNNNNN‼️ PODCAST AUDIO & FREESTYLE OUT NOW ON ALL DSPs — FULL VISUAL DROPS  ON YOUTUBE WEDNESDAY @ 12:00PM‼️ #SUBSCRIBE NOW‼️

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