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Episode 152: She’s Having My Baby Back Ribs

podcast May 21, 2024

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Episode 171: "She's Having My Baby Back Ribs" Review! Hey Bruhs, you won't believe the drama in Boy Meets World Season 7, Episode 16: "She's Having My Baby Back Ribs." This week, Eric and Topanga decide to go on a diet after noticing they've put on some extra pounds, but things take a wild turn when Cory misinterprets Topanga's new eating habits and thinks she's pregnant! We break down all the laughs, misunderstandings, and heartfelt moments in this hilarious episode. Plus, we discuss the impact of body image in the '90s vs. today. 

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Are you inspired by Cory and Topanga's relationship? Or do you believe Cory and Shawn started the original bromance? Join T.C. and Ceej as they embark on a nostalgic journey, exploring the lessons, cultural impact, and timeless charm of the beloved '90s hit, Boy Meets World.

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