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Episode 025: Did I Handle This Correctly? feat. Kiara Luna, LMHC

podcast December 12, 2021

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This week Stephanie and Travis are joined by Kiara Luna, LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) who is the owner of Knew You Psychotherapy. She has over 10 years of experience in this field. She is also a host, keynote speaker, and panelist who is extremely knowledgeable in various areas of mental health counseling including couples therapy. How does Kiara feel about the way Travis and Stephanie handle conflict on the show? 

With such a great resource, Stephanie and Travis ask Kiara questions such as how does generational trauma manifest in intimate relationships? What is culture specific trauma? Are we showing Eli too much love? 

Kiara also gives us very important information about varying forms of domestic violence including the red flags that signal a potential threat of violence. Did you know that neglect is a form of abuse in intimate partner relationships? Do we sometimes fall in love with who we want to believe someone is instead of who they are showing us they are?

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