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EP50: Casting Vision and Keeping Leaders Accountable with Ebonee Davis Ifeobu

podcast January 30, 2024

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In today’s episode, I am joined by Ebonee Davis Ifeobu, the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Bridgestone. Ebonee shares with us her journey of transforming Bridgestone's approach to DEI, emphasizing the importance of authentic leadership, fostering an inclusive culture, and setting measurable goals for progress. 

She also delves into the profound influence of the "Free to Be" initiative, serving as a catalyst for authenticity and a driving force behind a workplace culture centered on diversity and inclusion. Our conversation then explores how this cultural shift fosters creativity, innovation, and a sense of belonging, making Bridgestone a beacon of inclusivity. 

Together, we explore the critical elements of casting a visionary leadership and maintaining accountability, specifically in the context of diversity and inclusion. Tune in, Thrivers, and learn more about casting a vision and keeping your leaders accountable in the workplace with us today!


– The pivotal role of visionary leadership

– Methods to holding leaders accountable in DEI commitment

– The importance of cultivating an inclusive culture within organizations

– Correlation between leadership behavior and its impact on overall workplace diversity

– On measuring the success of diversity and inclusion initiatives

– Bridge the gap: Leadership commitment & on-the-ground implementation

– Ebonee’s definition of thriving in life and career


"[Thriving] means having joy, because happiness is a temporary state of mind. But [with] joy… It's something that just gives you peace. And the journey is not easy. It is difficult at times, it's lonely at times; but when it's you operating in your purpose, you're thriving," — Ebonee Davis Ifeobu 

"Navigate the complexities of workplace dynamics with more confidence, elevate your presence in any room, and ensure that you are not only seen but also heard and valued." — Brittany N. Cole 


Ebonee Davis Ifeobu

LinkedIn: @eboneedavisifeobu


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