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EP 72 Humility: Be Humble or not

podcast June 20, 2022

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We are back this week with a very lively discussion on Humility: Be Humble or NOT. Episode 72 for The Heart of Chat Podcast is one that is near and dear to each of us. How do you know whether to be humble or not? What does being humble actually mean? Yes, there is a such thing as being too humble.

Humility is sometimes taught to us growing up, or we emulate what is around us and what we are being shown. Being humble does not mean living in the shadows and not going after what we want in life. We can be humble and proud at the same time. Pride comes in many forms and one way that we talk about often is celebrating ourselves, our accomplishments, and life in general.

Being our own cheerleaders in life boosts our confidence and we do not need to dim our light or shrink to make others feel comfortable. Now, the saying where there is a time and a place for everything…yes, this is true and we want to make space for other people when they need us so that the facets of being humble or humility does not turn into arrogance our part.

In this episode, we share how you can celebrate yourself; have pride in what you have accomplished all while remaining grounded in the process. Don’t forget to shout from the rooftops all you are proud of and this where being humble or not comes into play.

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