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Society & Culture

Ep 707 | Stephen A. Smith’s Apology to Kyrie Irving Reveals More Myths

podcast May 30, 2024

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Stephen A. Smith is the latest sports personality to walk back his attacks on Dallas star Kyrie Irving. Stephen A. once implored Kyrie to retire over his refusal to take the jab. Now, with Irving and the Mavs on the doorstep of the NBA Finals, Smith is apologizing. In that attempt to make amends, Smith mentioned Kenny Smith’s conversation with him about Kyrie and went on to say that Kenny’s brother helped to train him in basketball and was one of the reasons he was able to knock down those 17 straight shots that landed him a full ride to Winston-Salem State. You’d think that tidbit would be something to at least mention in your autobiography, but it’s nowhere to be found in SAS’s work of historical fiction. And Smith’s alleged teammate Gary Stephens Jr. may have outed his association with Stephen A. in a recent Instagram post. Jason and T.J. Moe discuss the latest works of Stephen A. Myth, plus they discuss the kangaroo court bending the rule of law to convict the once and future President Donald Trump.

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