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Society & Culture

Ep 694 | Nikola Jokic Confirms His NBA MVP Status Despite the Race-Based Hate

podcast May 15, 2024

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He is who we thought he was: the NBA MVP and the best player in the league. Shaquille O’Neal and Kendrick Perkins were delighted when the Denver Nuggets dropped the first two games of the Western Conference semi-finals. It affirmed their race-based animus against the three-time league MVP. However, Tuesday night, Jokic proved that his resume over the last four seasons matters a lot more than his performance in the first two games of the series. After a dominant performance in game five, even Minnesota’s Anthony Edwards had to acknowledge that Jokic is the best in the NBA. Why can’t others do the same? Racial idolatry. Jason dives into the real motivation surrounding all the Joke hate. Steve Kim joins “Fearless” to add his thoughts on Jokic and the Nuggets performance, and the pair discuss J.J. Redick’s chances at landing the Lakers head job. Is it deserved, or is it a move to appease LeBron? Speaking of LeBron, his son Bronny got exposed at the NBA Combine, but that didn’t stop one ESPN personality from declaring little LeBron as the league’s next cash cow … the G League that is. Dexter Taylor was convicted of violating New York’s authoritarian gun laws and sentenced to a decade in federal prison. We speak with his attorney to determine the next steps to defend the Second Amendment. After Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker made his pro-God speech at Benedictine College, the backlash began. Jason along with Anthony Walker, Virgil Walker, Kevin Donahue, and Spencer Smith address the controversy in Tennessee Harmony.

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