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Ep. 677 – All charges need to immediately be dropped against the revered executive Chaka Zulu

podcast September 22, 2022

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This past June, at his own place of business, at least 4 men brutally attacked, beat, stomped, and shot the revered 51 year old music executive and entrepreneur, Chaka Zulu, outside of his own place of business. I have known Chaka for years and he is literally one of the most peaceful, respectful, kind, and outgoing men I’ve ever met.

When I learned the news of what happened to Chaka, like thousands of others, I was devastated. When I saw the footage of what happened to Chaka, and to a female colleague of his that was also brutally attack by the men, it broke my heart. It’s a miracle he even survived.

It was my expectation that the men who assaulted them were going to be charged. They should still be charged, frankly. And ANYONE who sees what happened, will think the same thing.

That’s why it makes NO SENSE that somehow the Atlanta Police charged Chaka with murder when the ONLY thing he was doing was literally defending himself from being killed. It’s outrageous.

Chaka fired his gun in self-defense and self-defense alone. And he might have died had he not done so. It is a textbook case of someone standing their ground – not just during a threat, but during a literal life or death assault.

Immediately, these bogus charges against Chaka need to be dropped. It’s stupid that we are even in this position. This should not go to trial. This should not have a plea deal. Chaka did what he was legally allowed to do to defend himself.

But what we are clearly seeing is that laws that regularly protect white men, suddenly seem to have no teeth when they need to protect a Black man.

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