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Society & Culture

Ep 608 | Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Are Making Conservatives Look Foolish

podcast January 30, 2024

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Jason explains why conservatives are making a huge mistake attacking pop star Taylor Swift over her celebrity relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and association with the NFL. On Monday, former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, one of Jason’s favorite politicians, insinuated the Super Bowl outcome would be rigged for Swift’s favorite team, the Chiefs. Jason says that’s crazy talk that will eventually be used to portray conservatives as just as deranged as leftists suffering Trump derangement syndrome. Shemeka Michelle joins the show to chime in on Swift’s influence in comparison to Beyonce and Michael Jackson. The back-and-forth between Jason and Shemeka turns really spicy when the first lady of the Fearless Army disses the king of pop. The next thing you know, Jason and Shemeka are feuding over Usher Raymond vs. Chris Brown. It’s a wild ending to today’s episode.

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