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Ep. 592 – We Need Leaders to Become More Empathic with Nati Beltran

podcast June 18, 2022

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What does your leadership style and skill say about you? When you have empathy the communication channels open up.

In this segment, Nati Beltran shares why we need leaders to become more empathic. Listening with mindfulness and presence is a powerful skill to open people and create connection. In order to begin changing the world by making workplaces more humane and inclusive places

See video here – https://youtu.be/tNRVnFzn94o


Nati is a Nonviolent Communication certified trainer and coach helping leaders become more empathic and create more collaboration around them. She has run two businesses and has held leadership roles in child-centered schools. She has studied Leadership and Neuroscience at the Masters level and shares her understanding of the brain and how humans work what makes people tick and be willing to change.

Nati offers trainings and coaching programs that help leaders change their current habits sustainably. She supports them in becoming more aware of their emotions and needs, which leads to transforming the way they treat themselves first, and how they engage with others. In the end, when leaders align their work and organization to their values and vision, they can better motivate people and to collaborate better.

Her ultimate goal is to strengthen leaders and enable them to make the greatest impact. Empathic leaders with strong socio-emotional skills can dissolve any barriers with integrity and more efficiency and thus enhance true collaboration, transform conflict and advance towards their goals with integrity. They create a better world for everyone.


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My 10-week course for Leaders: https://www.natibeltran.com/offer/The-Empathic-Leader

My blog posts: https://www.natibeltran.com/blog




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