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Ep 522 | Warren Sapp Says Defense Doesn’t Win Championships | Whitlock Puts Shannon Sharpe on Notice

podcast September 14, 2023

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The quarterback killer, Pro Football Hall of Famer, and Super Bowl champion Warren Sapp joins “Fearless” every Thursday during the NFL season. Today, Sapp drops a bombshell that we never thought we’d hear a hall of fame defensive star say. “The one thing I do know is defense does not win championships in the new NFL.” Warren shares with Jason the path to a Super Bowl in this era of play, the Jets’ chances without Aaron Rodgers, Tyreek Hill as the new Randy Moss, why Colin Kaepernick’s name still makes the rounds, and whether Colorado State’s Jay Norvell made a mistake calling out Deion Sanders and Colorado. Then, Steve Kim joins the show to talk about Kaepernick lobbying for a job in New York and the Bills reporter caught telling the truth about Stefon Diggs on a hot mic. Plus, Jason threatens to expose the truth of why Shannon Sharpe is no longer with Skip Bayless and Fox Sports.

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