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Society & Culture

Ep 434 | Tupac Doc Celebrates Black Panthers & Matriarchy | Lizzo Exposes Kids to Drag Queens

podcast April 28, 2023

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Jason has issues with the new Tupac Shakur documentary “Dear Mama.” The Hulu series tells a revisionist story that pays tribute to Tupac’s mother, Afeni, celebrates the matriarchy, and glorifies the Black Panther movement. “Fearless” contributors Shemeka Michelle and Bryson Gray join the show to provide pushback over the documentary’s motives. Plus, the trio discuss Lizzo’s recent protest of a proposed Tennessee law that would make it illegal for drag queens to perform in front of minors. Why are liberals so insistent that grown men dressed as women have access to your children? King Randall is the founder of the X for Boys and the Life Preparatory School. He recently sparked controversy when he asked his students how a former slave like Booker T. Washington could teach himself how to read and develop an extensive vocabulary, while modern students struggle. Randall joins Jason to discuss his viral moment. Recently Jason stumbled across a Ted Talk that sparked his interest. A Florida pastor with a unique background used the platform to bravely tackle the topic of rap music and the apathy toward black-on-black murder. Pastor Mike Smith joins Jason to share his story and why the issue is personal to him. 

You can support the mission of King Randall’s The X for Boys and The Life Preparatory School by visiting thexforboys.org or email the school at partner@thexforboys.org

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