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Fearless with Jason Whitlock Ep. 364 – SportsCenter Panders

podcast January 25, 2023

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“ESPN SportsCenter just led tonight’s episode with 2 stories on women’s college basketball. The first 6 minutes, a regular season Big Ten and SEC game. Who is paying for this? What percentage of sports fans does this serve?” This simple tweet from Jason questioning an ESPN programming decision triggered a desperate Deadspin writer to call Jason “cartoonishly misogynistic” and “a dark soul” — but it led to a great conversation about the four-letter network super-serving women as a form of reparation for centuries of men “mistreating” women. Pastor Anthony Walker, Dave Shannon, and Shemeka Michelle weigh in on the debate. ESPN was also guilty of piling on Tony Dungy for the audacity of being a Christian who lives his faith. Pastor Anthony, Delano Squires, and Promise Keepers’ Ken Harrison tackle the question: Why are Christians reluctant to publicly defend Tony Dungy? Plus, Shemeka Michelle tries to make sense of the banning of Aretha Franklin, Erykah Badu sharing her daughter’s “assets” on Instagram, and a self-proclaimed “superstar” and her vulgar airplane tirade.

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