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Society & Culture

Ep 320 | The COVID Jab Explains Charles Barkley’s Criticism of Kyrie Irving | TN Harmony on Israel

podcast November 2, 2022

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A “sentence-less” tweet about a documentary that no one is watching has Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving once again in the crosshairs of woke social media and fighting charges of anti-Semitism. Are Charles Barkley and Shaq really so outraged about Kyrie’s off-hours musings that they are calling for the NBA to suspend him, or does Irving’s offense extend beyond “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America”? Of course it does. Jason says, “My tinfoil hat tells me Kyrie is loathed by globalists and their corporate media puppets because the system is doing everything in its power to prevent Irving from inspiring other athletes to think for themselves. The system prefers LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick, athletes who do exactly what their handlers tell them to do. Kyrie refused to take the jab. That’s his real offense.” “Fearless” contributor Steve Kim joins the show to discuss the continued criticism of Kyrie and explain why Barkley is basically telling Irving to “shut up and dribble.” It’s time for another episode of Fearless at the Movies as Jason, Pastor Anthony Walker, Delano Squires, and Shemeka Michelle share their thoughts on the new release, “Till.” Plus, Wednesday means Tennessee Harmony. Jason is joined by Pastor Anthony and Virgil Walker to examine the relationship between Christians and Israel.


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