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EP. 31 I Love $ E X! Ft. Kiki Said So

podcast August 2, 2023

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Listen in as we’re joined by Kiki from Cocktails Dirty Discussions podcast, tackling some of the most challenging topics around adulting and navigating sexual relationships. We engage in a thought-provoking discussion about how to address talking about test results with a partner. We explore the vital role of setting boundaries and the necessity of ensuring equal benefit in collaborations. Learn about the concept of trading services when money is not an option, and discover effective strategies for approaching potential partnerships, even when you’re lacking in reach or experience. Listen closely as we share valuable insights on networking intentionally and adding value to others when seeking something for free.In our candid conversation about dating and relationships, hear about different ways of finding love, from matchmaking services to chance encounters at the grocery store. We also dive into the exciting and sometimes daunting world of sex toys and intimacy, providing tips and experiences on introducing them into the bedroom. So whether you’re single, dating, or in a committed relationship, tune in for a compelling discussion about navigating the complex world of adulting, relationships, and sexual health.

(0:08:07) – Exposure is not pay 

(0:15:48) – Kiki shares some dating tips, especially for this Atlanta streets!

(0:24:29) – Should Samia get a matchmaker

(0:38:46) – Kiki shares a scary time she recieved test results from a partner 

(0:48:37) – Kiki shares experiences using sex toys, exploring mutual masturbation, and the importance of knowing the partner’s body.

(0:53:09) – Masturbate on a plane,,, its fun 

(0:58:29) – Spiritual Tip of the day. 

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