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Ep 298: Strategic Planning and the Culture of Sales with Liz Heiman

podcast May 7, 2023

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Elzie and Liz Heiman discuss how sales is at the heart of any successful business. Liz provides advice on hiring sales personnel who fit in with a company’s mission and values. She also suggests having a strategic plan with clear objectives to create a culture of sales within the organization.

Discover how creating a strong culture of sales through strategic planning can result in the successful hiring of personnel with shared mission and values. This episode is essential listening if you are looking to build an effective sales team, or just trying to get better results from your current team. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to build a successful business, you won’t want to miss this.

Episode Highlights

01:34 – Your sales team is the heart of your business. And everybody says, “Oh, no, no, my product is the heart of my business.” Well, it may be the soul of your business, but it is not the heart, because it is the sales team that pumps the lifeblood through your organization and keeps it going. Because without that heart pumping, there’s no company. And if you think about it, your heart isn’t in your pinky. Because if it were in your pinky, it couldn’t pump life blood through your body. It’s in the center of your body for a reason, because it needs to be there. And your sales team is the center of your business, because it’s all about the customer. And your sales team is the first team that really touches your customer directly. Marketing may influence them, but the sales team touches them.

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