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Ep #28 – Reimagining Jubilation with Romeo Jackson

podcast April 22, 2021

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Hey!!!! Welcome, Welcome, Welcome To BLACK TO THE FUTURE PODCAST! We are so pleased you could join us here today! On this podcast we will discussing various topics through a Black, Queer, Feminist Lens. Our goal is elevate, educate, and empower those of us in the Black Queer community, and also to help our supporters and allies to become more knowledgeable about what we need as far as support!
Xay Dé Interviews An Old Friend – Romeo Jackson (They/Them/Theirs). They Are An Educator, An Enigmatic Character, & Extremely Dynamic In The Realm Of Uplifting & Enhancing The Lives Of Black, Queer, Femme People! This Was Sucha Fun Episode To Record! These two chat about Romeo’s growth and challenges faced during their youth and teen as a black queer child. They continue by discussing how Romeo got their start in working to dismantle systems of oppression in the academic world, focusing on student affairs. And they wrap up the conversation by talking about the future of black, queer people in higher education.
Romeo Jackson – Website: ; IG: @blaqueerfemme ( ; Twitter: @blaqueerfemme ( ; University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV): 

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