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Society & Culture

Ep 241 | Brittney Griner Isn’t a Prisoner of American Racism | Red-Flag Law Fail | Tennessee Harmony

podcast July 6, 2022

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We were warned. Teachers taught us about the oppression of communist rule. Pop culture gave us “Midnight Express” and “Brokedown Palace.” We knew committing crime on foreign soil was a bad idea. WBNA star Brittney Griner isn’t the first to learn this lesson the hard way. Griner sits in a Russian prison accused of a crime she may be innocent of, but she is guilty of the offense of being an American in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rather than blame Griner, or even Russia, some members of the media and sports world have indicted America’s racism as the culprit of her incarceration. Jason explores how they reach that conclusion. “Russia locks up a 6-foot-8 black woman for a tiny amount of hash, and it’s America’s fault. Really? What’s the matter with us? Are we really filled with this much self-hate?” Jason believes if you really want to blame this country for the imprisonment of political adversaries, look to the Jan. 6 protesters. They deserve the sympathy that’s being rained down on Griner. “Fearless” contributor Royce White weighs in on the situation and shares why he’s never played overseas, even after being blackballed by the NBA. Delano Squires drops in to share his thoughts on ESPN’s Elle Duncan’s attack on #GirlDad in the Roe v. Wade aftermath. Plus, Maj Toure explains how red-flag laws failed in the Highland Park shooting, Shemeka Michelle has words for “Saturday Night Live’s” Leslie Jones, and in Tennessee Harmony, Pastor Anthony Walker answers the question: To tithe, or not to tithe?

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